About RentZed

RentZed.com lets tenants anonymously post and view their past or current rents by address
I built RentZed because I am a tenant at an apartment complex and was curious if my neighbors were paying the same or less in rent than me. I also wanted to know how much the rent was increasing over time. I noticed that apartment complexes sometimes charge new tenants more than old tenants and sometimes the other way around. I ask everyone to contribute their rent history, especially if it's somewhere they no longer live. It could help tenants negotiate rents and evaluate whether landlords are likely to raise rents. I'd also appreciate anyone sharing the site around since it could have more impact the more people that contribute to it.
As of 4/28/24 there are submissions for 3000+ addresses
I will add a Map View in the future. For now, I am focusing on getting more submissions to RentZed. Help me get the submissions and I'll get to work on the map view :)
Contact: rentzed1@gmail.com
Official TikTok: @rentzed
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